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Next-Gen Surfacing Solutions – Evolving Proven Technologies Through Modern Innovation

Evolving Proven Technologies Through Modern Innovation

Concrete & Asphalt Anti-Aging Solutions

NEXT-GEN Surfacing Solutions

With more than 100 years’ experience in the formulation, packaging and installation of asphalt and concrete systems, NEXT-GEN SURFACING SOLUTIONS was established to develop a systematic and repeatable approach for pavement restoration, beautification and much more than preservation. We have continually invested in emerging materials and efficiencies which have evolved greatly over the years as have our solutions.

Contact Us:   407-805-8850  info@next-gensurfacingsolutions.com


Both Asphalt and Concrete pavements have their attributes and when they are designed and constructed properly, both should deliver long lasting solutions for many applications.  However, the placement (Construction) of both substrates is fraught with problems that can yield vulnerable substrates and substrate surfaces. Further, in place, wear and tear from use along with the effects of Mother Nature – the major culprit  of both substrates’ deterioration – cause both materials to age, deteriorate, become unsightly and possibly a liability.  Left untreated, both will eventually deteriorate to the point that they need to be removed and replaced.  Replacement is always very costly and now can easily be minimized.

Maintenance is a must!  The Real Question is how?  That is where NEXT-GEN SURFACING SOLUTIONS COMES IN!

Our mission is to redefine the pavement maintenance industry by combining proven chemistry with the most advanced technologies delivering unmatched value solutions to extend pavement life

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Our Revolutionary systems will Slow Down The Aging Process For Both Substrates.

Asphalt Goes From Black To Cracked
Standard and FAST TRAK Asphalt Systems
  • Interstate Shoulders
  • High Friction Surface
  • Multi-Use Trails
  • Parking lots
  • Decorative
Concrete Goes From Finished To Fragile
Standard and FAST TRAK Concrete Systems
  • Bridge Decks
  • Parking Garages
  • Driveways
  • Pool Decks
  • any damaged slab