Case Studies

Before Concrete Resurfacing

Parking Lot

Project: Parking Lot 

Size: 20,000 Sq Ft

Western Texas is an area notorious for many freeze – thaw cycles throughout the winter months.  Major food distribution center needed protection from the damaged caused by water freezing and expanding, effectively fracturing the top surface of the concrete. 

Warehouse Floor

PROJECT:    Warehouse Floor

SIZE:   1.6 million SF

50 – year old facility’s concrete floors were never built for the load of modern forklifts in use today. Floors have been deteriorating for many years and were causing damage to forklift computer boards which were costly to fix.


Bridge Deck

PROJECT:  Bridge Deck

SIZE: 2900 sq.ft.

DOT experiencing chronic problems with Bridge Decks throughout the state.  The concrete decks had major spalling issues due to the generous use of de-icing salts allowing water to penetrate the concrete and subjected to multiple freeze-thaw cycles.

Gas Station

PROJECT:  Parking Lot

SIZE: 20,000 sq.ft.

Tremendous spalling had taken place in a small gas station parking area and needed repair without disruption to service.

Grocery Store

Project:  Commercial Sidewalk

Size:  1,600 sf

After many years of a no-maintenance strategy, concrete walkways had become worn, unsightly and in a few cases, a liability.  Their insurance company had warned them to fix the trip hazard areas or they would be shut down.


Project:  Parking Garage

Size:  330,000 sf

A 330,000 square foot section of a newly poured parking garage at Planet Hollywood was rejected for various unacceptable issues.  The challenge was to make this area look consistent with the rest of the project. 

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